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"Jon is intelligent, highly skilled and most of all trustworthy. His editorial judgment is always on target and he treats his subordinates and superiors with equality and diplomacy. He is consistently fair and reasonable. His wealth of experience makes him the perfect candidate for nearly any position available at a television station or network. There are very few people that can match Jon’s credentials and integrity. He has become one of the best News Directors in the country."


Jeff L. Wald

News Director, KTLA-TV

“(Jon) Solution-based problem solver…has stabilized ratings…created new opportunities…better staff organization…established good rapport with key departments.”


Chuck Dunning

Vice President & General Manager

San Diego 6, XETV-TV

"Jon Fischer is not your typical News Manager. He’s one of the best and is definitely one of the brightest. Jon and I were fellow News Directors in the Clear Channel Television group. He was known by his fellow News Directors as a “go to” person. His judgment, formidable technical expertise and approach to contemporary storytelling continually impressed us all. Many of us bounced our ideas or problems off of Jon. He always delivered great perspective and practical solutions. The day to day newscasts Jon and his team turned out in Salt Lake City were simply outstanding. He always found innovative ways to aggressively and consistently deliver that product. And he did that despite sometimes limited resources. At the same time, he was an excellent motivator, mentor and interdepartmental leader. He also understands the critical need for clear branding and execution. If you’re looking for an aggressive, contemporary News Manager who can truly do it all, you’ve found him in Jon!”


 Jim Holland

News Director, KGPE-TV

"When KGET became a Clear Channel station, I became a part of a group of news directors that shared ideas on a regular basis. Jon was always one of those who came up with cutting edge suggestions, especially when it involved the use of new technology. Jon not only understands these things and how to apply them to everyday news coverage, he had the patience to spend his time explaining them to colleagues on an individual basis. His knowledge and fascination with gadgets is something I really enjoyed. When I visited Jon's newsroom in Salt Lake City, I was impressed by his command of what was happening there and his grasp of what it takes to make his station a community leader."

John Pilios

News Director, KGET-TV

"Jon and I worked together at FOX29 in Minneapolis. I had the pleasure of watching Jon build a News organization from scratch, into a highly organized and efficient operation in only a few short months. From the people he hired to the platform he put in place, to his oversight of the department, it was done to the highest of standards."


Tom Bourassa

Director of Sales, WFTC-TV

"I worked with Jon as the Creative Services Director with ABC 4 & CW30. He is definitely an idea person who thinks out-of-the-box. He was a great partner in the news and marketing relationship here at the station. Often, news directors don't understand how marketing works, which makes life difficult for promotion producers to get their jobs done -- he was an exception to that rule. As a news director, he is decisive, has integrity and fights for what he believes are good decisions. He is one of those guys I hope to work with again someday."


Scott Terrill

Promotion Manager, KTVX TV/KUCW-TV

"Jon is a deeply committed manager... committed to the news and to the people he manages. In my experience, his door was always open, and whenever breaking news demanded it, he could always be found in the trenches with his troops, sleeves rolled up and working hard. He is a motivator by example, an enthusiastic leader who knows how to hire good people and then let them do their work without micromanagement. His technical skills and expertise are exceptional. Jon was instrumental in getting the start-up Fox property in Minneapolis off to a roaring start. He had the vision to convert an empty warehouse space into a functional, eye-appealing tv station at the technical cutting edge, a broadcast that made an impact from day one. He is loyal to his people, and neither a yeller nor a screamer, as so many news directors are. Jon would make an excellent news manager in any news shop, local, national or international. It was a career highlight for me to work for him, and an honor to recommend him."

Chris Conangla 

Anchor, FOX29, WFTC-TV

"Jon Fischer is a great News Director. He has incredible vision when it comes to covering the news and managing major news events. As my manager, I always felt he welcomed my ideas and that he encouraged each of us to do our best every day. Jon is not a manager who stays in his office, he always has his finger on the day to day news operations and knows what is going on and how to get the right people into the right positions. Jon would be a great addition to any TV operation."


Marti Skold

Weather Anchor/GTU Host, ABC4

  "I’m a 27-year veteran of this industry, and I’ve never worked with as natural a leader as Jon. He gave me a perspective on television news about which I never knew. I always knew Jon to be thorough, fair, professional, and enlightening.  He is great with hands-on, one-on-one instructing. Additionally, he is a master motivator who knows how to get the best from his staff and is both personable and knowledgeable. Jon is extremely detailed and results-oriented, and his office door is always open. You've heard of a "players’ coach." Well, Jon is like a newsroom coach. He has a strong presence in the newsroom and is always on top of things giving practical advice and getting his point across.”


Kerry Kinsey

Reporter/Anchor, KTVX ABC4

“Jon has led our news department through its most radical change ever and has displayed strong integrity throughout the process. Jon has instilled a work ethic back into the newsroom that previously was lacking.”


Lyle Schulze

Vice President & General Manager, KMIR 6, NBC /KPSE MY13

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